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The SmoothShot steadicam FAQ page

SmoothShot Steadycam | FAQ


Q: What is the difference between the SmoothShot V2 and the SmoothShot V1 steadicams?

A: There are a number of differences between the old V1 and the new V2 such as an adjustable weight platform for finer tuning, a thicker body structure for improved support and stability, a larger camera screw for easier set up and a weight mounting point at the top of the steadycam for lightweight cameras.

Q: Is the SmoothShot V1 still available to purchase?
A: The SmoothShot V1 steadicam has been discontinued and subsequently superseded by the superior SmoothShot V2. However, we do have some seller refurbished V1’s available for sale for a discounted price.

Q: What is the weight of the SmoothShot, and what weight of camcorder will it work with?
A: The SmoothShot steadicam weighs around 650g and will stabilize cameras up-to around 900g with the standard weights provided. However, You can add additional steadicam weights for heavier cameras up to roughly 1.2kg.

Q: What is the SmoothShot made out of and also how many weights come with it?
A: The SmoothShot frame is made from professionally powder-coated aluminium and comes with 6 large (18g) and 2 small (8g) steel weights weighing a total of 124g.

Q: Do you have an adaptor for the iPhone/smartphones?
A: Yes we have an adapter for the SmoothShot steadicam that allows you to use your iPhone/iPod touch and any other mobile phones with similar dimensional specifications. The complete setup and individual iPhone adapters are available to purchase from our website accessories page or our eBay store.

Q: If I order the SmoothShot steadycam today when will it arrive?
A: If you order the SmoothShot before 3pm and your item is being shipped somewhere in the UK then you should receive your order the next working day.

Q: Do you know how many days it will take to receive this item in Europe?
A: We are based in the UK and send our parcels via Royal Mail Airmail. This should take between 3-5 days to arrive in Europe and then a couple more for you to receive your order on your doorstep.

Q: Can I mount my Canon 60D on the SmoothShot stabilizer?
A: We have tested the Canon 60D and with some perseverance and extra weights the steadycam can support it. Due to the tripod mount screw being off center it means the weight of the camcorder is unbalanced on the steadicam and therefore needs an extension arm to help even out the uneven weight distribution. We can provide this extension arm + weights upon request.

Q: Is the gimbal/grip fixed into the “socket”? Is there any chance of it falling off?
A: We have taken care to build the stabilizer in such a way that it is very difficult (almost impossible without force!) to remove from the handle, as other similar products suffer from this design fault. In fact, to insert the handle during manufacturing requires a strong hit with a rubber mallet, it cannot be done by hand. So we can assure you, it will not pop out of the gimbal. There are other similar steadycams on the market whose gimbal is just awful and literally falls out of the socket with a slight nudge from your little finger (we are not joking!).

Q: What size camera screw comes with the SmoothShot?
A: We use a standard 1/4″ camera mounting screw with the SmoothShot steadicam stabilizer unit.

SmoothShot Slider | FAQ


Q: What lengths of rail are available to purchase?
A: The SmoothShot Slider currently comes in two lengths; 0.5 metres and 1 metres. Although we will be offering additional lengths in the future.

Q: What cameras are suitable for the camera slider?
A: The SmoothShot Slider was designed for DSLR cameras in mind but it can fit many more types of cameras, ranging from small handheld cameras, to heavier cameras weighing unto 4kg! It can even support mobile phones using our iPhone adapter.

Q: Can the SmoothShot Slider be mounted on a tripod?
A: The slider has two points at which it can be mounted onto a tripod. We have provided a standard 1/4″ hole on each end of the slider, located underneath each foot for you to attach to a tripod.

Q: Are there any locations that you can not ship the slider to?
A: Due to the slider being a large and heavy item it means that postage to certain places in the world can be very costly. However, subsidised shipping options are available for most countries. Please contact us for more specific details.

Q: How much does the SmoothShot Slider weigh?
A: The weight varies depending on the length of the rail that you choose. The 0.5m slider weighs 2.5 kg and the 1m slider weighs 3.5kg.

Q: Is the slider motorised or is there a version available that is?
A: We do not currently manufacture a motorised version of the SmoothShot Slider although we are looking to produce these in the future.

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